Property Rights are Human Rights |are Natural | are Necessary | are Beneficial

Property rights, properly understood and applied, can prevent or resolve all interpersonal conflict. They have the potential to liberate the world. Exceptions to these general rules have given intellectual quarter to every morally bankrupted belief system from which humanity still suffers, and from which people will continue to suffer unnecessarily until such time as their rights to property are recognized universally and applied absolutely.

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Square One: Liberty through Property

To claim that property rights matter regarding a question of justice is simply to assert that the means of an action matter, that every moral agent has a right to defend their body-property and that nobody has a right to initiate force against them. Property rights are the practical implementation of a not-so-radical notion: you can’t do good by doing wrong.

Libertarians following in the Rothbardian tradition (henceforth “libertarians”) hold that they need only assert, monitor and defend the existence a single right (the natural, human right to property) in order to give practical effect to Spencer’s Law of Equal Freedom, J.S. Mill’s Harm Principle or the now commonly advanced Non-Aggression Principle.

Well No ‘Proper’ Statesman…

The ‘No Proper Statesman‘ is a fallacy akin to the ‘No true Scotsman‘.  It is an ad hoc attempt to retain an unreasoned assertion.  When faced with a counterexample to a universal claim (“States do not violate individuals’ rights”), rather than …

But Who Will Build the Roads!?

It’s common to see appeals to the status quo to justify theft, and those who do blithely assume that the status quo even works as advertised despite all evidence to …